We are medical specialists focused on identifying impairments and disabilities, improving activity and reducing acute and chronic pain. The aim of our treatment is to give our clients perspective, improve their quality of life and increase their well-being. We cater for all age groups. As a team we offer a wealth of experience covering the majority of specialist treatments in physiotherapy.


We can offer a high standard of care in the following:


• Respiratory therapy / Stress relief therapy

• Motor control and exercise therapy

• Ergonomics and Preventive advice

• Cardio vascular therapy

• Lymphatic drainage therapy

• Manual therapy

• Massage

• Medical Training Therapy (MTT)

• Neurological therapy

• Electrical therapy

• Home visits

• Pedeatric physiotherapy

• Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation

• Sport physiotherapy

• Taping

• Trigger point therapy

• Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy


To be able to offer continuous state of the art therapy, our team regularly attend courses

in the above named specialities.